Lenox vs Milwaukee Hole Saw: Which Brand Is Better?

You can get by with a cheap, low-quality hole saw if you need this tool only occasionally. But if you intend to use a hole saw on a regular basis, then investing in a premium quality unit is a no-brainer.

What’s important to know here is how a hole saw works and which brand offers what features. That’s the main stuff. Choosing between Lenox vs Milwaukee hole saw can be quite confusing unless you exactly know which features you must have.

Lenox vs Milwaukee Hole Saw

We’ll talk about all the basics you need to know about a hole saw in this guide. There’ll be a discussion about which ones to look for depending on your needs so that you’re not confused anymore.


Let’s talk about some features that make getting a hole saw from Lenox a no-brainer.

Number of Components

Having some extra hole saws is never a bad idea. They come in handy sometimes. Lenox hole saw set has two sets of pilot bits and arbors with two units in each set. You’ll also get nine-hole saws in the package.

Easily Carriable

They have graspable hole saws, which are easy to carry around. Without a good quality grip mechanism, it can get somewhat complicated to move with these sharp saw blades, which you don’t have to worry about with the Lenox saw.


One of the common issues with some hole saws is they’re not fast and get stuck while cutting through deep materials. But this isn’t the case with the Lenox hole saw. The saw blades are designed smoothly around the edges, and this allows a fast cutting experience.

Ease of Use

Lenox markets their hole saws with a feature they coined as a “speed slot.” Because of this speed feature design, you can easily connect and remove the slots from the saw with ease.

lenox hole saw

The design also makes slot-switching extremely fast and accessible for people from all experience levels.


Lenox indeed provides their customers with good value for their buck, but with an exception – the saw doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re especially a beginner or someone still not comfortable with handling the hole saw, then probably spending some more on a Lenox hole saw isn’t a bad idea.

But not everyone has the same budget, and not everyone will get the same value out of these saws, depending on their experience levels.


Now let’s have a look at the features Milwaukee offers to its customers.

Ease of Use

Like Lenox, the Milwaukee hole saw design is highly usable. The design is no-nonsense, and you’ll have an easy time learning to use and simultaneously using this tool in your mechanical works.

Carrying Case

Good toolsets will have a carrying case, but what differentiates this brand’s case is how it holds the components tightly in place.

It’s a good thing to have, especially when you’re on the move and want the components to stay in place while having an easy time taking them out and putting them inside the box.

Saw Design

One issue with some hole saw designs is they’re composed in a way that allows you to get the most benefits if you’re only working with some specific materials, not for generic applications.

Although some people like having special saw blades for different works, it’s not everybody’s preference.

milwaukee hole saw

If you’re someone from the latter group, this saw can be a great choice. Its saws are designed in a generic way, which allows a smooth cutting experience whatever the material you’re working with.

We can’t say that Lenox is less durable regarding the saw design. Both of them are performing best in a different way. Lenox is trying to cover some specific materials, and thus, they’re designing their saws similarly. Their goal is to create durable saws that can cut through some particular materials, not all.

On the other hand, Milwaukee is trying to cover as many materials as possible. Or, in other words, they’re trying to be generic. The design and composition of their saw have one main goal: to work with any materials easily.


It’s hard to suggest which one’s better for your use context. Both offer quite a lot of functions as well as ease of use. If you’re short on budget, maybe Milwaukee could be a good option for you since they offer nearly the same set of functions as Lenox while not cutting up on your budget.

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