How to Install T-Handle Garage Door Lock? (Explained)

The thing about DIYers is they thrive on the rush of using their own hands to do stuff. And we don’t blame them for it. Doing some handy work around the house is a satisfying experience. Not to mention it also gives you some cool bragging rights.

One of the more useful skills you need to know is replacing garage door locks. And this will be a complete guide on how to install a T-handle garage door lock. There are really not many steps to it. Let’s get started then.

How Do You Do It?

Installing a T-handle garage door lock isn’t as intimidating or difficult as you might think; once you know what you’re doing, that is.

How to Install T-Handle Garage Door Lock

Alright then, so the first step is to, of course, get a new lock. Make sure you purchase the right one. It should say ‘T-Handle’ lock on the packaging. That’s the easiest way to tell you’re getting the right stuff.

Step 1 – Make Sure You Have All the Tools You’ll Need

Before you start installing your brand-new lock, make sure you have all the tools at hand. Some things you’ll need are screwdrivers, scissors, and wire cutters. The package should come with a lock, washer screws, and keys (duh).

Step 2 – Test the Lock Before You Install It

Trust us when we say this, you need to test the lock you bought before you install it. Even if you bought a brand-new lock, it’s a good practice to see if the lock is functional to be extra sure.

You’ll end up regretting all the time you just spent if you end up installing a faulty lock.

Step 3 – Place the New Lock in Place

Your garage door should have an opening where the old lock was. Thread the new lock through the hole and screw it down in place. Make sure to use the right screws to ensure it’s fixed in place properly.

Depending on the model of the lock, some might have the screws at the front. Others may have the screws on the back that keep it in place.

Step 4 – Fix Up the Back of the Lock

Once you insert the new lock through the hole, you need to make sure to fix up everything at the back of the garage door. This part is different for different garage doors and locks.

Some locks might come with a small disc that helps the lock mechanism to stay in place.

Others can be a more straightforward approach where the locking mechanism directly threads back on the part of the shaft that’s sticking out.

No matter which one you have, remember to make sure to orient your back locking mechanism in the direction the lock turns. Thus, when you turn the handle on the lock, it’ll pull up the locking mechanism and unlock your doors.

After you install the back part and put the locking mechanism through the shaft, secure everything in place.

Step 5 – Final Testing

You’re almost done. Before you drop your garage doors down, make sure to give everything a final check. Turn the locks from the inside to see they will unlock and lock your doors properly.

Once you have done that, pat yourself on the back because you just installed a T-handle garage door lock. Finish everything up, and voila! You’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do I choose a good T-handle lock?

When choosing a T-handle lock, make sure to get one that’s robustly built to withstand abuse. This lock is meant to keep intruders away. If the lock is flimsy, it’s not much use, is it?

#2. Is it difficult installing a garage door lock?

It really isn’t all that difficult installing a garage door lock. Make sure to just follow the instructions and double-check if the lock works when finishing up. If you’re still uncomfortable, though, you can also get some professional help.

#3. Do I have to remove everything when installing a new lock?

Not always. Some parts of your previous lock can actually be kept as is, given it doesn’t interfere with the new one. If you don’t want to rework everything, it’s fine not to remove everything from the previous lock system.

Final Words

You can let out a sigh of relief. Now, you should know how to install T-handle garage door lock. Not only will your possessions be safe and sound, but you also have a cool new project you can undertake.

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