Best Screws for Subfloor: Top 10 Subfloor Screws In 2022

The secret of having a beautiful floor in your home is to ensure the subfloor is stable. So, if you’re planning to install, re-secure, or replace your subfloor, make sure you do it correctly. 

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To achieve that, we recommend that you use the best screws for subfloor

One thing you need to remember though is that not all floors have subfloors. Instead, some have a concrete surface underneath. 

Best Screws for Subfloor
Best Screws for Subfloor

But if your home has subfloors, look for fasteners that will hold them to the floor joists. They provide a sturdy and reliable foundation. Thus ensuring straight and squeak-free floor systems.

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Hard-to-find fastener screws

Hard-to-find fastener screws

Senco Duraspin Screws

Senco Duraspin Screws

WoodPro Fasteners

WoodPro Fasteners

GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws

GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws

Quik Drive Screw

Quik Drive Screw


However, choosing the perfect screws isn’t that simple. This is one of the challenges that most renovators, homeowners, and contractors encounter. 

Luckily, this article has reviewed the top tightening fasteners out there right now. Our main aim is to help you to choose the ideal subfloor fastener for you! 

That being said, here are some great products worth buying! 

5 Best Screws for Subfloor

1. Hard-to-find fastener screws 

Hard-to-find fastener screws

Hard to find fasteners is well known for producing various fasteners. More importantly, their fasteners are ideal for different uses. Their produce items for use in automotive, homes, and businesses. But one thing we love about their product is how rust-resistant they are. 

And their Philips Flat Twinfast fasteners are no exception! Although they’re made up of steel, they have a black phosphate finish. This gives them exceptional rust resistance and extends their longevity. So, expect them to last long, even in moist environments. For this reason, you can use them even in outdoor settings. 

Each screw has a total length of 2” and features a sharp pointed end. Thus, you can drill different subfloor materials without applying a lot of pressure. For that, they are a great option to use on hard surfaces. This protects them from bending and makes them grip firmly on the materials. 

In terms of design, the pieces possess a flat, Phillips head with deep and nice cuts. This prevents slip-outs and head stripping issues, even when handling hard materials. 

The entire set comes with 100 fasteners, packed in a standard box. In short, this set gives you enough items to install subfloor in various rooms. Overall, if you want rust-resistant subfloor fasteners, this is the right set for you! 


  • Strong and durable fasteners 
  • Ideal for moist environments 
  • Deep cut drive eliminates possible stripping 
  • Perfect for beginners and DIYers 


  • Not suitable for heavier applications

2. Senco Duraspin Screws (08F200Y) For Subfloor 

Senco 08F200Y

Having been in the industry for 50+ years, it’s not a surprise that Senco screws have made it on our list. This manufacturer has a reputation if only producing high-quality items for various applications. 

Even better, their 08F200Y collated holders live up to those standards. So, expect these fasteners to give you the quality and performance you need! 

The first thing you’ll note with these tools is their beautiful yellow zinc coating. Apart from enhancing their appearance, this finish protects them from rust and corrosion. 

That’s the only great thing about these 2” holders though! For instance, each unit has a 2/3” thread to provide extra hold. Also, they’ve got a small thread near their head and a sharp point. Therefore, you don’t have to pre-drill a countersink during installation. 

Since these fasteners are 2” long, they can go through ¾ inch to 1-inch materials. You can also use them to fasten other similar materials like roofing sheets and wall plates. However, we don’t recommend them for use on the cement board and Hardi board. 

The other notable thing about these fasteners is that they feature a square hand. This means that you can easily tighten them even by hand. 

However, for excellent results, we suggest that you use a Senco Duraspin screw gun to install them. This will increase your speed of installing the 1,000 pieces that come with the entire box. They are the best option when you’re installing subfloors for larger rooms. 


  • The square heads prevent stripping 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Perfect for use on subfloors, roofing sheets, and wall plates 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Not ideal for use on cement board & Hardi board 

3. WoodPro Fasteners (AP8X2-5 T20)

best subfloor screws

Established in 1995, WoodPro has been producing high-quality items for various woodworking tasks. According to the manufacturer, they only use premium-grade materials to deliver top-notch products. Something you’ll note in their AP8X2-5 T20 fasteners. 

To start with, as the name suggests, this set contains all-purpose fasteners. This means that you can use them for many types of interior and outdoor applications. For instance, they are ideal deck screws for the subfloor. But you can use them for creating joints for doors and cabinets as well.

Just by looking at this set, you’ll note that the fasteners have an attractive finish. That’s because of the Golden Electro-Polyseal layer on their surface. This protects them from rusting and wearing off due to climatic conditions. 

Also, as you know, the best subfloor screws should be easy to install. You don’t even have to pre-drill the surface! That’s the case with these 800 pieces from Wood Pro. All thanks to the sharp end on each piece that starts the boring process into the subfloor. 

The bold threading pattern drills through the surface until you fix the floor well. Consequently, this will help you save a lot of time and speed up the installation process.

Besides, they have a Torx compatible star drive in the head design. This protects the power tool from slipping off during use.

As you can see, this model is reliable, durable, and convenient to uses. Even better, its long shank makes it extremely simple to use, even for amateur woodworkers! 


  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor wood projects 
  • Easy to drive 
  • Self-drilling design 
  • Sturdy and strong build quality 


  • The star heads aren’t that strong 

4. GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws 

GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws

GRK is another reputable manufacturer in the fastening products industry. It’s well known for producing various fasteners that are both durable and functional. But their R4 ProPak pieces, are by far, their best screws for plywood subfloors! And there many reasons for that! 

First, each screw features a shining golden tone or silver shade. This enhances your plywood structure without undermining its appeal. Besides, this allows them to withstand environmental conditions. Thus making it ideal for exterior and interior applications. For this reason, you can use it in floor work, railings, framing as well as decking top boards. 

While we’re still on versatility, these fasteners can work in many other materials. This includes; cement fiberboard, melamine, wood decking, sheet metal, plastic, and sheet metal.

Moreover, each pack comes with a total of up to 650 R4 tightening tools. So, if you’re handling many projects involving different materials, this is the set for you.

With this set, expect productivity to improve. Thanks to their design which increases working speed. This also eliminates the need for prior drilling. Moreover, its W-Cut thread design provides low torque to promote faster driving. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the filling between the GRK bits and holders is very accurate. This reduces wobbling when tightening the screws, making the installation process very simple. 

Lastly, these fasteners’ heads grip onto a material very well. They’re very durable since they’re made up of rust-resistant 305 stainless material. 


  • Effortless and convenient driving 
  • Perfect for multiple applications 
  • One step installation process 
  • Stain- and rust-resistant 


  • A little pricey 

5. Quik Drive Screw (DSVT212S)

QuikDrive DSVT212S Collated Decking Screw

As the name suggests, the QuikDrive set is the best option if you’re concerned about speed. It’s simply the fastest driving system out there today. It will help you save time and increase productivity, especially in large projects. 

Instead of installing subflooring screws one at a time, you should consider this set. That’s because the set comes in a collated strip that you can use in an auto-feed faster driving system. Thus speeding up the subfloor installation process. 

That isn’t the only good thing about this set though!

For instance, in terms of reliability and quality, this kit is remarkable. The manufacturer ensures that every product can resist and handle higher loads. 

In this case, these collated tools have a Quik Guard coating. This enables them to resists corrosion. Thus making them ideal for preservative-treated wood and exterior application. Besides, their shanks can resist shrinkage and swelling, especially in fast-growth lumber. 

With each unit measuring 2.5” long, this set is perfect for subfloor installation projects. They have a ribbed-head design that countersinks with ease. This facilitates a clean, finished look. 

Another unique thing about this set is that it has fast-start tips and under-head nibs. While their tan color blends in well with most wooden surfaces.

To make the subfloor installation more efficient, choose these Simpson Strong-Tie screws. As the fastest fasteners in the market right now, they will also help you save time! 


  • Corrosion-resistant tan coating 
  • Each pack contains 1000 fasteners
  • Tan color is compatible with most wooden surfaces 
  • Perfect for exterior and preservative-treated wood applications 


  • Requires a special Torx bit to use

The Best Subfloor Screws Buying Guide 

Knowing the best subfloor screws doesn’t guarantee that you’ll choose the perfect one. Instead, there are certain factors you need to consider before you choose a certain set.

This will help you to understand what kind of screws for subfloor you need. As a result, you’ll find the perfect tools that suit your needs. These factors include; 

1. Size 

The size of the holder is something that you should pay close attention to. If the fastener doesn’t have the right size/ length, the entire project will be disregarded. Besides, the finishing and wooden joints will not be strong if you don’t use the right size. 

Expert recommends that the screw length should be half the size of the bottom surface. In the case of subfloors, these best size is about 2 to 2.5”. However, some professionals claim 3” fasteners are the best screws for OSB subfloor.  

Apart from length, it’s good to consider the gauge and diameter of the screw as well. 

2. Head shape 

You’ll note that screws have different head shapes. But the most commons head shapes are round head and flat head/ slotted fasteners. 

Best Screws for a Subfloor

With the flat head shape, you can drive the entire fastener using the diagonal head. The best thing about this type is that you’ll not experience splitting challenges. 

On the contrary, a round head/ pan head shape has shallow domes. These types are not common in woodworking projects. However, you can still use them to attach another material on top of wooden surfaces. Either way, the best head shape will depend on your preferences. 

3. Drive type 

Today, most people use drivers or electric drills to drive fasteners into surfaces. As such, it’s hard to buy a tightening set without considering its drive type. The most common ones include; Phillip screws, square drive, Torx drive, and flatheads

Just like head shape, choosing the best drive type is a matter of personal preferences and needs. 

4. Screw tip 

The other component you need to consider subflooring screws is their tip. Make sure you choose fasteners with pointed tips. This will promote accurate and effortless drilling by eliminating prior drilling.

Most modern fasteners feature Type-17 Auger points. This tip is very sharp and delivers great performance. 

5. Construction 

Lastly, make sure you choose tools that are made from sturdy and durable materials. For an indoor project, you can go with fasteners that are crafted from Zinc. But for outdoor projects, consider factors like moisture and weather. 

In that case, look for products that are plated or coated to make them rust- and stain-resistant. Today, manufacturers are using high-tech coating methods like Epoxy coat, and HCR. These techniques enable the screws to withstand rust while enhancing their appeal. 

Frequently Answer Question About Subfloor Screws               

1. Is it better to nail or screw subfloor?

The use of nails to install the subfloor is a relatively fast process. It’s even faster when you’ve got an air nailer since it allows you to insert many nails within a short time. On the other hand, the use of screws seems like a tough task and they take more time.
However, screwing produces a much quieter floor. That’s because their threaded nature delivers a stronger grip and tighter bond. So, if you want excellent quality, screw subfloors instead of nailing them! 

2. Can I use construction screws for subfloor?

Yes! Construction fasteners have serrated thread towards their tip. This cuts away subfloor material like a saw. For this reason, you don’t have to drill a pilot hole when using them to install a subfloor. This makes the installation process simple and saves time. 

3. How many screws are in a 4×8 sheet of subfloor?

To install an 8 X 4 subfloor sheet properly, you’ll need about 28 screws. However, the number can increase up to 36 screws per sheet or more. 

4. Can you use deck screws for subfloor?

The use of deck screws to install subfloor is a great option. However, you should avoid using drywall screws. This is because their heads tend to snap off. 

5. Do you have to drill a hole before you drive the screw? 

If you’re using self-drilling screws, you don’t have to pre-drill the surfaces. But if the fasteners are not, you have to drill the material before you drive the fasteners. 

Final Words 

Having gone through the article, we hope that you’ve found the perfect fasteners for your project. Just remember that the best screws for subfloor vary depending on your project needs.

For that, you’ve to consider many factors before you settle on a certain product. This includes things like the environment around the subfloors and their thickness. 

Lucky for you, there are many types of fasteners on the market. With so many options, you’ll certainly find the perfect product for your project quite easily. 

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