The Best Concrete Patch Reviews 2021

Last Updated On 14th Jul, 2021

Want to get rid of those concrete surfaces full of breaks and holes?

Let’s face it! There are so many ways you can apply to repair the broken concrete pieces. But most of these will cost a pretty penny!

So, what’s the solution?

Can’t you afford extras to solve that issue?

Best Concrete Patch

Well, no worries! Our expert team is here with the reviews of the best concrete patch. The adhesives we’ve picked here are highly capable of creating an extremely strong bonding, for which you can fix the cracks and breaks within no time, and that too without paying top dollars!



Editor's Rating


Dap 32611 Concrete Patch

Dap 32611 Concrete Patch

5 out of 5

Red Devil 0641 Concrete Patch

Red Devil 0641 Concrete Patch

4.5 out of 5

Rust-Oleum 301012 Concrete Patch

Rust-Oleum 301012 Concrete Patch

4.5 out of 5

6 Best Concrete Patch Reviews 

Here we’ve picked 6 different concrete patches, which you can use to repair your garage floors, driveways, basement floors, etc. Go and check the reviews to know about them in detail. 

1. Dap 32611 Concrete Patch

Dap 32611

In the world of repair products, the Dap is a popular company without a doubt! And when we talk about this particular model, it’s great for repairing broken concrete pieces and mortar joints firmly and smoothly.

The high-quality patch comes with a premixed formula that is very simple to apply. It’s based on calcium carbonate and equips fortified vinyl polymer as a primary material for increasing flexibility and durability.

As for functionality, it’s able to fill up to 1/4 inches deep holes. You won’t have to use additional adhesives or stuff like that to repair the cracks or breaks. It offers a light grey color after getting fully dry.

It takes a full day when it comes to drying up. Besides, you’ll have to wait for a full week in order to let the patch for curing. Though it’s a lengthy process, it creates a strong bond for allowing you to get shrink-free concrete permanently.

After applying the concrete patch, you can use soap with some water to wash off the entire area. But that should be after seven days so that the adhesive gets fully tight and strong.

Like our previous model of Red Devil, it’s also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s your house or your backyard, repairing small to medium holes or cracks will be a breeze from now on!


  • Offers flexibility and durability
  • Capable of repairing up to ¼ inches holes
  • Ideal for repairing concrete pieces and mortar joints
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Premixed formula for easy applying


  • Takes a very long time to dry and cure!

2. Red Devil 0641 Concrete Patch

Red Devil 0641

Durable, versatile, strong, you name it, this one from Red Devil comes with all the essential things you need from a patch. With the advanced premixed formula, applying it in concrete won’t be a tough job at all.

Not just for concrete, the patch can be used in the brick and block as well. Within a short period, anyone can hide the small to mid-sized holes or breaks with the assistance of this concrete patch.

Speaking of the size, you’re getting a single gallon that is about 3.79 liter. So you can use the particular model to fix most of the broken pieces easily. Interestingly, you can even apply it in your home and backyard.

After the patch gets fully dry, make sure to clean up the area through some water. Needless to say, it’s a super-efficient concrete patch for driveway, garage floor, and such areas. 

Heating up the mix is unnecessary when we talk about using this concrete patch. It enables users to utilize the stuff effortlessly so that both professionals and non-professionals can get rid of breaks, holes, and such types of imperfections.

Thankfully, it won’t take a few hours to dry and cure. Even after taking less time, it’s capable of creating a strong bond to let you get crack-free concrete. As for color, it shows off a “light grey.”

Unlike the typical models, it can withstand extreme heat and heavy rainfall, ensuring maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. Alongside the protection, it’s great in terms of providing minimal odor.


  • Able to fill up small to medium-sized holes
  • Made for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Requires less time to cure and dry up
  • Capable of tolerating heavy rainfall and sunlight
  • One of the best options for driveways


  • Leakage issues!

3. Rust-Oleum 301012 Concrete Patch

Rust-Oleum 301012

If your job is related to repairing, then, of course, you’re familiar with the well-known brand named Rust-Oleum. Even, it’s the number 1 brand in the current market in terms of protection. So you can rely on this model with your eyes closed!

First off, the Rust-Oleum 301012 is capable of filling up holes or cracks that are 1/2-inch deep. It creates a stronger bonding to let you get shrink-free floors within hours. Considering the fact, it might be the best concrete floor patch out there in the shop. 

But honestly, the patch takes a long time to dry and cure. It’s because it creates a solid and hard-to-break surface that’ll be much sturdier and stronger than the typical concrete patches out there. 

The beast requires around 8 hours to get full energy. After that, you can apply any type of paint or coat if you really want. 

Unlike the low-end junks, the patch is completely free from unpleasant odor, making it ideal for every user. As you know, it’s a universal product, which is why it suits each and every concrete coating best.

Do you think it’s designed just for repairing concrete floors? Wrong! This versatile concrete patch can be applied to the wall surfaces as well to keep them crack-free. And guess what? It fits perfectly with both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

It’s a two-part concrete patch, meaning, you’ll have to mix up the ingredients to make a perfect patch for concrete floors. However, it’s user-friendly and you can do it yourself by following the easy instructions it includes. 


  • Able to repair around ½-inch deep holes or cracks
  • Capable of creating a tough-to-break surface
  • Provides no unpleasant odor
  • Suits both outdoor and indoor surfaces
  • Friendly with almost all coatings
  • Hassle-free applying process


  • A bit costly!
  • Requires hours and hours to cure

4. Rust-Oleum 215173 Concrete Patch

Rust-Oleum 215173

If you’re having a hard time repairing your old garage floor, it’s better to take a look at the Rust-Oleum 215173. Undoubtedly, it’s a great concrete patch for garage floor. Besides, it can be used to fill up the cracks and holes of your wall, masonry, and steps as well.

The size it comes with is around 24 ounces that is more than enough to repair every little crack of your garage floor. Speaking of depth, it can fix 1/2 inches deep holes pretty smoothly.

In order to create an extremely hard surface, the patch requires at least eight hours to cure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your home or your backyard, the patch fits perfectly with all surfaces.

With zero solvent formula, it offers minimal odor. So it’ll be a great advantage for those who can’t tolerate the unpleasant smell of concrete patches. 

But, it causes eye burns and skin irritations at times. Therefore, it’s always better to put on gloves and safety goggles while applying.

Not only it works well in repairing holes, but it also plays a significant role in providing an elegant and smooth finish. After applying it, you can use any coat and paint to make your garage floor aesthetic! 


  • Repairs 1/2-inch deep cracks
  • Delivers a solid surface
  • Zero solvent and minimal odor
  • Ensures a smooth and shrink-free surface
  • Suitable to use in both house and backyard surface


  • Sometimes, it causes skin irritations and eyes burns
  • It’s not the fast-drying concrete patch!

5. 3 Part Epoxy Patch from FDC

3 Part Epoxy Patch from FDC

It’s an all-in-one 3 part epoxy patch from FDC, designed for those who’re capable of spending a fortune to get a versatile product. It’s a great concrete patch for garage floor, basement floor, brick wall, wooden stair, driveway, and a lot more surfaces.

With the 100% hard epoxy filler it gets, the patch ensures no holes and cracks and bonds to metal, anchoring equipment, concrete, asphalt, and so forth. It works best if the thickness of the crack is less than 1-inch.

Compared to regular cement, it’s ten times more powerful and stronger, allowing you to repair the broken pieces and holes in the best way possible. The credit goes to the two additional liquid epoxy mixtures it comes with.

The way of applying it is out of hassle. Just follow the manufacturer’s guide to know the exact method of using this paste-like patch.

What’s the wow factor? Well, even under extreme weather conditions, you can use the epoxy patch without facing much of a problem. So raining cats and dogs can’t create any issues! Thanks to the waterproof formula it equips.

Since it creates a super-strong bonding, you might have to wait for a couple of hours in terms of curing and drying. Once you apply the epoxy patch, wait for a few hours, and then clean up the entire surface to make it spick-and-span.


  • Designed for multiple surfaces
  • Ten times stronger
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Waterproof
  • Repairs up to 1-inch thick cracks


  • Pricey a bit!
  • Takes hours to cure

6. Red Devil 0645 Concrete Patch

Red Devil 0645

Repairing breaks, cracks, holes, and other imperfections in concrete will be as easy as ABC if you get your hands on the Red Devil 0645. The credit goes to the premixed formula it comes with, making it a perfect concrete patch for driveway.

Speaking of compatibility, the little boy is not only great for concrete, but you can use it in brick and block as well to get the best result. And the applying process is pretty easy and straightforward.

The 5.5 oz squeeze tube design it gets lets you use this particular path with maximum control and accuracy. There is NO NEED to heat the mix-up before starting the project. It reduces your hard work, making it ideal for non-professional workers.

It offers a natural light grey color once it gets completely dry. And guess what? It’ll take a pretty short time to deliver you a crack and shrink-free concrete. Undoubtedly, the patch is friendly with both outdoor and indoor usage.

After applying the patch to the concrete, you can use regular water with soap for cleaning up the whole area with ease. Thanks to its excellent formulation!


  • Compatible with concrete, brick, and block
  • The squeeze tube design makes it very easy to apply
  • Ensures crack-free concrete within a short period
  • Much easier to clean up
  • A perfect choice for driveways


  • The nozzle seems a bit small!

How to Choose Concrete Patch?

Choosing the best concrete patch is not that easy. The current market packs tons of choices with different specs and advantages. So if you’re new in the field of repairing, then it’ll be one of the toughest jobs to get the right one.

Make sure to read this buyer’s guide from A to Z to know what you should consider before making a final purchase.

Sight tight and keep on reading!

Purpose of Buying

First off, you should ask yourself why you’re going to buy an epoxy patch. Is it only for concrete? Or you need a versatile product that can do it all?

So, before you consider anything else, make sure to know your purpose and then buy the right one, depending on your project.

Check the Crack Width

Before getting yourself a concrete patch, it’s a MUST to check the width of the crack. Because honestly, not all are compatible with large holes and cracks. 

Some of the models out there are only capable of repairing holes which are less than 1/2 inches. So, in case you choose one of them, it’ll be impossible to repair the bigger cracks.


A less durable concrete patch is worthless! The reason for buying a concrete patch is to hide the holes or breaks. So choosing a durable epoxy patch is the key to repair the broken concrete pieces.

Make sure to get the one that creates a super-tight and strong bond, enabling you to get a crack-free concrete surface within less time. 

Curing Time

Believe it or not, if the concrete patch takes a long time to cure, this is a clear sign that it’s making a super-strong binding with the concrete. Some of the models come with fast-drying formula, but most of these can’t withstand heavy pressure and torture.

So, we suggest taking adequate time when it comes to curing. Because after having patience, you’ll get an optimum result. And we all know, good things come to those who wait! 


Alongside the durability, the adhesive you’re going to buy should be compatible with harsh weather conditions. It should be capable of tolerating heavy rainfall and extreme sunlight, especially if you want to use the patch on outdoor concrete surfaces. 

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it’s always better to have a concrete patch that comes with a premixed formula. It’s relatively easy to apply and you can use it straight away to the concrete surface without adding extra adhesives or stuff like that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of having a waterproof concrete patch?

Having a concrete patch with a waterproof design has plenty of advantages. In a nutshell, the patch that comes with a waterproof design is highly able to tolerate heavy rainfall and extreme weather conditions. 

Is it necessary to use extra adhesives with the concrete patch?

Not at all! The concrete patch itself is enough to create a super-strong bonding. It has all the essential things you need to turn the broken pieces into a flat and smooth surface. You know, it’s a real beast!

Is it really tough to apply the concrete patch?

We don’t think so! Applying the concrete patch is a piece of cake if you know the right ways and techniques. 
But if you’re very new in the world of repairing, then we suggest getting yourself a patch with premixed formula. It is way too easy to apply compared to other alternatives.

Should I have to wear safety dresses while applying concrete patch?

If safety is your concern, we recommend putting on safety dresses while applying the epoxy patch. 
Some of the models cause skin irritations and eye burns from time to time, which is why wearing safety goggles and gloves will be a plus point. 

What’s the right way of reducing dirt or such things from the sides of cracks?

Using a vacuum is the best option to cast the stuck-on dirt away from the sides of cracks. But if you don’t have any vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush to make the job done. 

The Final Touch!

That was everything on the best concrete patch. Depending on your needs, make sure to choose the right one from our list to get a crack or shrink-free concrete surface. And don’t forget to read the user manual before applying the patch, for which you can use it in the best way possible.

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