10 Best Door Lock Installation Kit in 2022

As a homeowner, you know that safety and security are some of the most important aspects of your home. The most common approach to securing a house being the installation of door locks. 

Door locks ensure that your home’s entryways are secure, thus keeping your family and belongings safe. 

There is one issue with door locks though! Considering how often we use door locks, they tend to break. That’s when we all realize the importance of having the best door lock installation kit in your home! 

Best Door Lock Installation Kit

Besides, many other reasons can make you want to change your door lock. For instance, maybe you’re upgrading your home and you want new door locks now. 

Regardless of why you’re changing your door lock, a door lock installation kit will help you do the task yourself! You don’t even have to hire a contractor! These kits are extremely easy to use, such that anyone, including beginners, can use them to install a door lock! 

While using a door lock installation kit is simple, choosing the best one is not! This is because there are so many options out there, making the choosing process so tedious. 

No one wants that, right? Lucky for you, we have listed 5 top door lock installation kits that are worth buying. You just need to go to their reviews and choose the best one for your needs. 

Let’s check out these installation kits right away! 

Our 5 Best Door Lock Installation Kit

1. DEWALT D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit 

DEWALT D180004

User-friendly, budget-friendly…. Everything about this door lock installation kit from DEWALT is just friendly! Besides, if you want a door installation kit that works for all modern lock sizes, you cannot go wrong with this product. 

This DEWALT door lock installation kit is specifically designed for door lock installation and comes with every component you need to complete that task successfully. 

What are these components that we’re talking of? 

Well, by buying this kit, you get the following items; a drill guide, 1” bi-metal hole saw, mandrel adapter with washer, the mandrel with a pilot drill bit, two 1/8” bi-metal hole saws, and an instruction manual. 

The hole saw is crafted from M3 steel. This makes it very durable and enables its teeth to withstand wear and tear. Moreover, its backing plates are reinforced to provide additional support, but you can also use them to disassemble its mandrel. 

As for the design, this door lock installation kit features a C-shape design that ensures tool-free clamping without damaging the surface. The unit also includes adjustable bushings that allow both common door thickness and standard backsets. 

When it comes to application, this kit is an efficient and east-to-use craftsman tool, even for amateurs. Therefore, you don’t have to do any guesswork while using it to install a door knock. 

The other great benefit of buying this tool is that it’s very versatile. You can use it for almost all door types out there, both metallic and wooden doors. Not to forget that it easily fits in various common lock and doorknob sizes. 

Overall, this corded-electric door lock installation kit is a reliable tool that simplifies and speeds up the installation process. Besides, considering all its incredible features, it deserves to be ranked among the best lock installation kits! 


  • Works with both wooden and metallic doors 
  • Fits many standard lock sizes 
  • Convenient use, even for beginners 
  • Ensures precise holes drilling 


  • Doesn’t include a template/ jig for the door hinge 
  • Not suitable for doors that are less than 1.75” thick 

2. IRWIN Door Lock Installation Kit 

IRWIN Door Lock Installation Kit

IRWIN is another popular and revered brand in the construction industry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that they’ve been around for more than 100 years. Moreover. Their products have exceptional quality, and this kit confirms that! 

The package comes with 2 sided self-centering jig, 2 metal hole saws, a router guide, router bit, and a butt hinge template. 

Its hole saws are constructed from hard and robust carbon steel. Hence allowing for efficient and fast drilling of openings for handles and locks. This set has premium quality finishing, high durability, and resists damages and scratches. 

Another great thing with this door lock installation kit is that it is very versatile. For instance, its self-centering jig fits in most standard door thickness. You can even adjust it for both 2 3/8” and 2 ¾” backsets. This means that you can use this unit with the most standard deadbolt and door lock sizes. 

Besides, the carbon saws can endorse lock and handle openings on both sides of the door. Not to forget that you can use it on both metallic and wooden doors. 

The router bit ensures accuracy and precision when one is drilling the deadbolt or door lock hole. So, as you can see, this set comes with everything you need to install a door lock! 

When it comes to application, this set allows you to install a door lock in 4 simple steps. As such, you can easily set it up in no time, even if you’re not a professional. 

If you want a multi-purpose kit, then buy this one from IRWIN and use it for multiple door lock installations. 


  • Lightweight and highly durable set 
  • Works on both internal/exterior metallic and wooden doors 
  • Allows easy deadbolt and lock installation 
  • Included router bit and mandrel ensures precision and accuracy 


  • Not ideal for professional applications 

3. IVY Classic 27003 Lock Installation Kit 

IVY Classic 27003

Manufactured by IVY Classic Industries, this toolset is one of the best lock installation kits for wooden doors. Considering that IVY Classic is reputable in producing high-quality hand tools and power tool accessories, we don’t see why you shouldn’t this set! 

But that’s not the only thing that makes this kit incredible! The unit features so many great features that you’ll find useful when installing door locks. 

For beginners, you’ll love how simple assembling this kit is. This is because the manufacturer prioritizes your needs, and gives you 4 ways to set up the tool. That’s not all! The package comes with an easy to read the manual that will guide you when assembling it. 

Apart from the instructions manual, the set comes with other components. This includes; a 1” hole saw, guide template, arbor with ¼” pilot drill and a 2 1/8” hole saw. 

If you’re familiar with door lock installation kits, you’ll realize that the sizes of this unit’s hole saws are smaller as compared to other products. This gives the kit a smooth finishing. 

Regarding the construction, the hole saws are crafted from high-quality carbon steel material. On the other hand, the guide template is made up of plastic material. 

It is also worth noting that you can adjust the guide template with the snap-arm locks. This allows for simple and precise drilling of door lock holes. Moreover, it can fit in 1 ¾” and 1 3/8” thick doors as well as 2 ¾” and 2 3/8” backsets. 

This set is considered the most affordable and best kit for amateurs. So, if you’re thinking about installing a door lock for the first time, check out this set from IVY Classic! 


  • Easy assembly 
  • Adjustable plastic guide template 
  • Ensures accurate drilling of door lock holes 
  • Offers a tighter grip 


  • Only suitable for wooden doors 

4. MIBRO 300681 Door Lock & Deadbolt Installation Kit 

MIBRO 300681

Ranked among the 50 best-managed firms in Canada, MIBRO has been in the door lock industry for more than 60 years now. Their products, like this 300681 professional door lock installation kit, include high-quality professional accessories. 

Indeed, as far as quality is considered, the manufacturer didn’t make any compromises when making this kit! Something that is indicated the quality of its features. So, if you want a superior door lock installation kit from a trustworthy and reputable brand, MIBRO 300681 is the perfect option for you! 

It comes with every tool you need to install a door lock. That’s right! The package comes with a spade bit, 2-1/8” hole saw, 1” hole saw, and a guide template. 

Each of these components has a unique feature! What are these incredible features that we’re talking of? 

Firstly, the guide template is compatible with doors that are 1 ¾” or 1 3/8” thick, and a backset of 2 ¾” or 2 3/8”. However, after some minor adjustments, the guide can even fit indoors that are 2” thick. 

Secondly, the hole saws have been made with the highest quality carbon steel material. This extends the unit’s durability and efficiency. 

Lastly, this installation kit makes it easy to install deadbolts and door locks. Indeed, you can easily assemble it through 3 simple steps and you don’t even have to be a professional to do that! Besides, the kit is lightweight, yet very durable. 

One thing you should know about this kit though is that it should only be used 5 Bodybuilding -teknikker som har stått tidstesten qualitat furosemid mit versand sildenafil og kroppsbygging to install locks in wooden doors. If you want a MIBRO installation kit to work on metallic doors, check out the MIBRO 300691 model.

Furthermore, the unit is not as affordable as the other kits we’ve looked at above. However, considering its quality, it’s certainly worth the money! 


  • Premium quality material 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Convenient assembly 


  • A bit pricey 
  • Only works for wooden doors 

5. Milwaukee Door Lock & Deadbolt Installation Kit 

Milwaukee Door Lock & Deadbolt Installation Kit

Most brands we have looked at so far have been in the industry for a very long time. And Milwaukee is not an exception. It’s one of the best brands that deal with heavyweight construction tools. 

With the Milwaukee door lock installation kit, you’ll be able to prepare deadbolts and locksets in 2 steps. This indicates how extremely easy using this kit is! To make it even much easier to use, the kit comes with a convenient manual with installation guidelines listed step-by-step. 

Other things that come with the set are; a 1/8’ drill bit, 3/32” drill bit, arbor space & adaptor, self-centering dill guide, small arbor and pilot bit, anti-splinter depth stop, and 2 hole saws. 

Even with all these components, this kit is easy to carry around. Thanks to its small, compact, and lightweight nature. 

Moreover, every component that is included in this kit is designed to make the door lock installation process much simpler. For instance, sides of the saw bits feature access slots that enable you to access the plugs with hand tools conveniently. This reduces the door lock installation time and improves efficiency. 

The other unique thing about this kit is that it includes an onboard clam that protects doors from scuff marks. This also means that you can fasten the unit without using screws. The role of the included rubber pads is to improve the unit’s stability. 

Speaking of hole saws construction, their teeth have a carbide coating to ensure a precise and smooth cut. While their backing is made up of reinforced steel to prevent wobbling. 

As for compatibility, this set works on doors of various sizes. You can use it to install locks on doors with a thickness of 1 ¾” or 1 3/8”. 

Al things considered, this installation kit is a reliable option if you want to easily make clean, fast door lock holes on a wooden door. Best of all, it is ideal for both amateurs and professionals. 


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Durable construction 
  • Precise and accurate door lock installations 
  • Easy to store and carry around 


  • Doesn’t resist vibrations when drilling door lock holes 

Key Features to Consider before Buying Door lock installation kit 

Different door lock installations are ideal for different circumstances. Similarly, buyers tend to have different needs and preferences. Therefore, what you consider as the best door lock installation kit may not work for another person. So, to choose an installation kit that fits your needs perfectly, consider the following factors; 


The strength and quality of materials used in the kit’s hole saws play an important role in determining its durability. Most of these products are constructed with carbon steel allow. This material is pretty durable and sturdy. 

door lock material

However, if you want a kit that guarantees extreme strength, go for the one crafted from high-speed or M3 steel. This will enable you to make precise door locks faster. Also, if you’re planning to drill through metallic doors, we’d suggest you go for an installation kit with carbide or diamond-tipped hole saws. 


The most important thing you should consider when buying a door lock installation kit is its compatibility with various doors. This is because their hole saws have different sizes. In that case, go for a kit that can work on most standard door lock sizes. Moreover, look at whether the kit is designed for wooden doors, metallic doors, or both. 

Power source 

Door lock installation kits are powered through different means. Some have an electric cord, while others are wireless/ cordless. The electric corded tools have to be plugged into a socket during operation. This means that they’re more powerful and provide higher RPM. 

If you’re working in an area with electricity access, corded kits are the better option. But, if you’re working in an area that doesn’t have electricity, consider investing in a wireless/ battery-powered installation kit. Although wireless tools provide lower performance, they’re highly portable. So, making your buying decision accordingly. 

Frequently Answer Questions 

  • Which is the best brand of door lock installation kit to buy? 

There are so many good brands of door lock installation kits that you can invest in. some of the top brands include; Milwaukee, DEWALT, MIBRO, IVY Classic, and IRWIN. 

However, instead of buying a tool based on the brand alone, we suggest that you consider its features as well. That way, you’ll be able to buy a product that suits your needs and from a reputable manufacturer. 

  • Which material is used in hole saws on door lock installation kits? 

The most commonly used material is carbon steel since it’s strong and durable. However, you can find hole saws that are made with other materials like M3 steel. 

  • What is the role of a hole saw work in lock installation? 

Hole saws are used to drill holes on tough surfaces like plastic, wood, and metal. In lock installation, they’re used to drill a precise and accurate circular hole through the door. 

  • Can I install a door lock if I’ve never done it before?  

Of Course! Provided you’ve got a door lock installation kit, you can easily do the task yourself. Besides, these kits come with an instruction manual that will guide you through the entire process. 

  • How many locks can you install with one kit? 

Door lock installation kits are crafted from highly durable and strong material. As such, you can use them to install so many door locks, and for a very long time! 

Final Words 

That brings us to the end of the best door lock installation kits that you can find online at the moment. What we love most about these kits is that you can use them for other tasks. So, apart from installing door locks, feel free to use them when installing doorknobs as well as deadbolts. 

Regardless of the kit that you choose, make sure that it’s durable, efficient, and easy to use. More importantly, make sure it’s compatible with the door you’re planning to install the door lock on! 

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