Atlas Car Lift vs Bendpak: What’s the Differences?

There’s a saying that – there can be only one lion in a jungle. Though the car lift market ain’t any jungle, you’re surely going to hear the roars of two of them. Yes, we’re talking about the two leading brands: Atlas and Bendpak.

But the problem is when it comes to Atlas car lift vs Bendpak, it gets harder than ever to pick one randomly. After all, they both are among the bests, with some differences, of course. Now the question is, which one will be better for you?

Well, it usually feels like they both are quite the same, but still, you might love to have a glance at their distinctions too for reaching a better decision. Let’s jump into that, then?

Atlas vs Bendpak: Which One Is Better?

Atlas Car Lift vs Bendpak

As two of the leading brands, both of them have always tried to keep the standards at the peak. But come on! Wasn’t it what you were looking forward to? So, no matter which one you pick up, you ain’t going to get anything less useful for sure.

But we’ve promised you a comparison, and you’re going to have it.


Both of them have given it their best shot to make sure that whoever asks for their products will see an amazingly wider variety of lifts. If we start with the Atlas, they’ve included lifts like two-post, four-post, parking, scissor, alignment lifts in their product line-up.

You might be thinking, aren’t they what all the companies are offering? Well, they’ve made sure they keep something a little ‘out of the box’ in their arsenal, like specialty lifts.

And in case you’re planning to lift up any wheeled metallic monster of yours, then they’ve got the mobile column lift to back you up.

Now comes the Bendpak. If you’re expecting to see them behind Atlas in the race of variety, then you’re going to be really disappointed.

They’ve kept the product line clearly sorted with two-post, four-post, parking, scissor, alignment, portable car lifts. But in this race, the Atlas has nailed the lap with a better variety.


Were you hoping to see bendpak ahead as your favorite brand? Well, let’s get that wish of yours fulfilled then. But before taking you there, tell us what kind of lift are you planning to grab?

Atlas Car Lift Capacity

If it’s the two-post one, you can put anything up to the weight of 18000 Lb. on the right model of Bendpak. But if you’ve got a heavier monster and need a four-post lift, then you can relax and pick a model of theirs that can carry up to 40000 Lb.

For Atlas car lifts, things are a bit different. They’ve also got two-post lifts up to the carrying capacity of 18000 Lb. and we don’t think a standard-sized car is going to weigh more than that. For four-post lifts, they’ve kept the bar at 14000 Lb. So, clearly, Bendpak got the lead back here. 

Capacity Segmentation

Maybe you don’t need this part much to make a decision as it doesn’t matter as much as the aspects we’ve discussed earlier. But we’ve promised to come up with the differences. So, this one is worth counting too.

Like the capacity itself, Bendpak car lifts have taken the lead on this one too. They’ve got a wider capacity variety compared to Atlas.

The major advantage it has brought to Bendpak is, now you’ve got a higher chance of finding a lift that perfectly suits the weight of your car without shedding any extra bucks.

ALI Certification

Has your insurer lately notified you about any new policy of theirs for not paying on occurrence in uncertified lifts? Then, you’ve got no choice but to get a lift which has that golden ticket – the ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) certification in its bag.

Thankfully, both Bendpak and Atlas have this certification. But the difference is, Bendpak got more number of certified lifts compared to Atlas.

So, if your insurer has really said he/she ain’t going to pay for the uncertified one, then it’s better to play safe and get the Bendpak lift.

Final Words

Let’s not make it a war of atlas car lift vs bendpak, because no matter how much you prefer one, you can’t call the other one any less.

But as you can go with one only, we guess you’ve got a clear idea on which one to put into your garage. So, which one is it going to be this time?

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