Top 10 Best Lock Miter Router Bits You Can Buy In 2022

Using the right tools when undertaking a woodworking project is important if you want to get perfect results. One such tool is the best lock miter bits, especially when you’re handling projects like furniture design, or cabinet making. Thanks to their ability to produce perfect locking miter joints with unmatched precision. 

Moreover, locker miter router bits have an anti-kickback design and a smooth rotation. For that, they’re quite easy to install and ensure the absolute safety of the user.

And with their ultra-shape blades, they can engrave and cut various types of materials. As an example, you can use them to create interlocking 45 deg lock miter joint strength on chipboard, wood, MDF, and density boards. 

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer out there is known for making high-quality lock miter bits. Also, with so many sizes of lock miter router bits available, not every set will be perfect for your project. 

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Freud Lock Miter Bit with Shank

Freud Lock Miter Bit with Shank

Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Yonico Lock Miter Bit

Yonico Lock Miter Bit

Meihejia 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Meihejia 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

ROOCBIT 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

ROOCBIT 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Don’t worry though! In this guide, we’ve selected some of the best lock miter router bit sets you can find in the market today. More notably, they’ve extra-thick tips as well as optimal shear angles.

So, you can rest assured that they’ll give you maximum cutting life and exceptional precision for all your woodworking projects! 

That said, let’s get started! 

10 Best Lock Miter Router Bit Reviews

#1. Freud Lock Miter Bit with 1/2″ Shank

Freud Lock Miter Bit

Freud is one of the most reputable brands among woodworkers due to the quality of its products. Also, they are known to produce some of the most innovative and advanced working tools in the world. Well, their 2-3/4” lock miter router bit is no different! 

For a start, the tip of this router bit is made of TiCo, which is a Micro-grain carbide with titanium. Specifically, it’s a combination of cobalt and titanium.

As if that’s not enough, the bit features a non-stick Perma-Shield coating to resist heat and reduce pitch build-up. With such a high-quality build, this tool delivers maximum performance and durable cutting life. 

Better still, this makes it such a great tool for working on any type of wood you can think of. For instance, it’s ideal for use on plywood, softwood, and more. 

Getting back to performance, this router bit creates tough interlocking joints with high precision. Besides, you can either use it to cut horizontally or vertically. So, apart from being the best lock miter router bit for woodworking projects, it’s highly versatile. 

Still, on versatility, this bit is compatible with different types of wood cutting tools. For instance, you can use it with table-mounted routers, automatic routers, or even CNC machines. Besides, it’s computer-balanced, meaning you will feel much vibration while working on your wooden pieces. 

Bottom line, this Freud lock miter bit is an incredible woodworking tool for creating strong interlocking corner joints. Besides, it’s versatile, well-built, and provides a safe experience in your workshop. 


  • Cuts various materials 
  • Durable, precision-ground TiCo bits
  • Resistant to chemical attack 
  • Vibration-free operation 
  • Compatible with different types of routers
  • ½” diameter shank 


  • Available in one-bit size only (2-3/4”)

#2. Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

When working with a heavy-duty workpiece, you’ll need a super reliable lock miter router bit. In that case this 3362 router bit from Whiteside, maybe all you need! With its large overall diameter, it can withstand dense woods as well as high RPMs.

Moreover, it’s quite simple to install on router tables and its construction is perfectly balanced. 

Talking of construction, this bit is entirely made up of C2-grade carbide. For that reason, the hardness of the cut and the edge’s sharpness will not be solely on its tip. Instead, you can rely on the entire router bit to cut clean and smooth cuts for a long time. 

As a result, with this tool, you don’t need to smooth out the surface with sandpaper after your routing operations. Thanks to this bit’s ability to smooth out the surface in a perfectly uniform manner. 

In addition, these bits are very resilient, allowing them to tolerate high pressure. Even better, this allows them to deliver great performance and last longer, even when used for heavy-duty routing operations. 

As a drawback, this lock miter router bit is a bit pricey, compared to other similar woodworking tools. Also, its carbide blades tend to become dull sooner. 

Other than that, the 2” diameter router bit is super-efficient, simple to install, and hard-wearing. For those reasons, it’s an excellent option for hobbyists as well as beginners. 


  • Can handle high RPM 
  • Delivers balanced performance 
  • Heavy-duty construction for reliability 
  • Cuts through dense woods with ease 
  • Ensures smooth & clean cuts 


  • Only compatible with tabletop routers 
  • Expensive 

#3. Yonico Lock Miter Bit (15334)

Yonico Lock Miter Bit

Like other router bits from Yonico, this 3 bit set comes at a very reasonable price. Yet it guarantees durability, strength as well as superior build quality.

More importantly, the bits offers a lot of gluing surface, thus ensuring you get durable and stronger joints. Besides, it’s available in various styles that come at differences. 

However, this particular set consists of 3 router bits with different diameters. To start, the largest bit has a 2-3/4” diameter, making it ideal for up to 1” thick stock.

While the smallest bit has a 1-3/8” diameter and is suited for ½” stock. Lastly, the medium bit has a diameter of 2”, and works well with ¾” stock.

In addition, you’ll get ½” shanks and 2 flute carbide router bit cutters. The ½” shanks prevent the router bits from jumping around during your routing operation. As a result, you’ll always get a professional finish on your woodworking project when working with this set. 

When it comes to construction, each of these router bits features premium c3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades. For that, the bits have both sharper and longer-lasting edges.

Also, the bit set is manufactured using the silver induction brazing technique to maximize its strength and longevity. These factors will help the tool work on several projects without getting worn out or breaking. 

Overall, this router bit set allows you to join boards at 90 deg with 45 deg interlocking miter lock cuts. Consequently, you’ll get durable and stronger joints for your projects. 


  • Labeled, wooden carrying case for easy storage 
  • Fully-enclosed & superior lubricated ball bearings 
  • Sharper and durable edges 
  • Works with various stock sizes  
  • Compatible with table and handheld routers 


  • Not ideal for use with plywood/ MDF

#4. Meihejia 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Meihejia 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

In addition to being the best ¼” shank router bit, this tool from Meihijia is one of the most versatile woodworking tools on our list. It can work on various wooden materials out there.

For instance, it’s suitable for use on plywood, particleboard, MDF as well as solid wood. For that, it’s a great tool for various woodworking projects including making windows, closer, or wood drawers. 

Putting versatility aside, you’ll also love how well constructed this locker miter router bit is. To be precise, its blades are made from C3-grade micro-grain tungsten carbide.

While its anti-kickback body design comprises high-quality alloy steel. Moreover, it features a heat-tolerant Teflon coating that prevents the accumulation of pitch, resin, and sawdust. 

Even better, this tool delivers great performance throughout your woodworking project. All thanks to its 2” blade diameter, ¾” stock, and ¼” shank. As a result, it provides long-lasting joints when used to join wood edge to edge for frames and tiny boxes. 

As a drawback, this tool’s shank tends to bend, unless it’s fully inserted and tightened. Also, you can utilize a push block to prevent tear-out and ensure safe cutting. 

The other limitation is that this router bit isn’t compatible with drill machines and electric drills. Instead, it’s designed for use with desktop engraving machines like table-mounted and handheld CNC routers. Nonetheless, the Meihijia lock miter router bit is a great woodworking tool, especially for beginner woodworkers. 


  • Works on several types of materials 
  • Provides durable joints
  • Features a heat resistant Teflon coating 
  • Suitable for beginner woodworkers 


  • Not compatible with drill machines & electric drills

#5. ROOCBIT 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

ROOCBIT 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Available in a set of 3 lock miter router bits, this tool from ROOCBIT is suitable for all your wood routing needs. Each bit has a unique cutting thickness, making them ideal for various types of woodworking actions. 

For instance, the smallest bit (1/2” cutting length) features an anti-kickback design and a cutting thickness of 12.7 to 19mm. While the medium size (9/16”) bit has a cutting thickness of 10 to 17mm. On the same note, the largest router bit (3/4”), has a cutting thickness of 9.5 to 12mm. 

Interestingly, these router bits are almost similar in terms of design and construction. To start, each has a high-quality alloy steel body with an anti-kickback design. This ensures that the set has sharper and more durable edges.

Better still, the blades are crafted from carbide material, giving them sharp, strong, and long-lasting tips. More notably, this allows them to produce fine and smooth cuts on wood pieces.

Moreover, the bits are coated with a layer of heat-resistant Teflon, allowing them to prevent the accumulation of resin, pitch, and sawdust. 

As for application, this tool is suitable for cutting and engraving various types of materials. As an example, you can use it on chipboard, splint, solid wood, MDF, and density boards among others. On the same note, it’s ideal for woodworking projects like making cupboards, wood drawers, and more. 

Lastly, these bits are compatible with different types of routers. For that, you can use them with handheld/ table-mounted routers as well as automated CNC routers. Besides, the Teflon coating protects the bits from heating up, allowing you to work on wood surfaces without charring. 


  • Heat resistant Teflon layer 
  • Works with table-mounted/ handheld routers and CNC routers
  • Ideal for various woodworking projects 
  • Strong & durable construction 
  • Produces smooth cuts on wood surfaces 
  • Ultra-sharp carbide blades 


  • No storage case 

#6. KOWOOD Lock Miter Router Bit With 1/4 Inch Shank

KOWOOD Lock Miter Router Bit

Considered the best lock miter router bit set for beginners, this tool is compatible with all types of routers. For that, you can use it with table-mounted as well as handheld routers.

Besides, it’s much easier to clamp since it forms a strong mechanical locking action. As a result, the formed joints will not slide out of alignment because of clamping action.

Even better, the wedged tenons will tighten up nicely to create strong corner joints. At the same time, the bit increases the grain gluing surfaces, thus helping to strengthen the joint over a butt or basic rabbet joint.

Another impressive feature offered by this tool is that it’s crafted from high-quality carbide. This gives it maximum strength and longevity, allowing it to withstand heavy-duty use.

Moreover, its design included anti-kickback features, making it safe to install and use. Best of all, it’s equipped with a ¼” hardened steel shank, helping to reduce vibrations. On the same note, the bit is very stable, thus increasing its overall precision and accuracy. 

Above all, this lock miter router bit comes at an affordable price. Yet its alloy blade provides a balanced application that can withstand heavy-duty use for a long time. However, this tool isn’t designed for use in drillers. Instead, it’s only designed for use on a benchtop or portable router machines. 


  • Ideal for beginners 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Strong enough to withstand heavy-duty use 
  • Reduced vibrations 
  • Designed for use with bench-top & portable routers
  • High-quality carbide construction 


  • Not ideal for use with drillers

#7. APlus Lock Miter 45 Degree Joint Router Bits with Tongue & Groover Set

APlus Lock Miter 45 Degree Joint Router Bits

Compared to other tools we’ve reviewed so far, this tool kit from APLUS is one of the most complete lock miter router bit sets. Besides, it comes with various tools you’ll need for your hardwood project. More notably, the kit comes with a 45-degree lock miter router bit and 2 pieces of tongue & groove set! 

As the name suggests, the set is equipped with tongue & groove facilities. As a result, the tongue allows the router bit to cut ¼ to ¾’ of stock. Also, this allows woodworkers to form tongue & groove joints, which are essential in flooring projects. 

For those reasons, this tool kit is an excellent option for making outstanding handcrafted furniture. Moreover, it enhances the woodworking performance when making bathroom and kitchen doors, floor tables, walls, and outdoor frames. Better still, you can use it when making bedroom shelves as well as workplace cabinets. 

To add to the versatility, this router bit set is suitable for use on different types of materials. For instance, you can use these grooving cutters on MDF, compact plywood panels, wood, and chipboard. However, it’s not suitable for cutting ferrous metals or other materials like iron, steel, and sand. 

In terms of construction, expect this tool to give you the utmost strength and durability at the same time. Specifically, the bits have hardened steel bodies with anti-recoil.

In addition, they are coated with a layer of heat-resistant Teflon, helping them withstand high temperatures during use. Above all, the tools are impact-resistant to ensure the sharpness of the cutting blades. 


  • Easy setup
  • Durable construction 
  • Suitable for tongue & groove joints
  • Ideal for various woodworking projects 
  • Affordable 


  • Exclusively designed for use on wood 

#8. ZOKMOK Plus 1/4 Shank Joint Router Bits Set

ZOKMOK Plus Shank Joint Router Bits Set

Like the router bit set from APlus, the Zokmok tool kit is another complete set for woodworking projects. That’s because it comes with various router bits including a 45 deg lock miter router bit, tongue router bit, and groove router bit. For that, it’s an excellent tool for various projects such as veining, woodworking, grooving as well as trimming. 

Surprisingly, these bits are quite simple to install into benchtop router tables. Besides, the bits separately feed both sides of the joint, creating a locking miter joint right away. Even better, you can use the 45 deg router bit to create perfect 90 deg locking joints with ease after installation. 

Construction-wise, each router bit features a premium alloy steel body with an anti-kickback design. In addition, the blades are crafted from C3-quality tungsten carbide, to extend the tool’s longevity. 

Although this tool kit is suitable for various tasks, there are certain materials you should avoid using it on. For instance, the 45 deg lock miter router bit isn’t ideal for use with MDF or plywood. When used on such materials, the bit may shred them apart instead of creating a solid joint. 

Apart from that, this router bit set will come in handy when handling various home DIY projects. For instance, you can use it to make furniture oblique tenon interfaces like cabinets, drawers, and more. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Durable alloy steel construction and tungsten carbide blades 
  • Suitable for a wide range of home DIY projects
  • Reasonable price 
  • Includes tongue & groove router bits  


  • Only compatible with table-mounted routers 
  • Not ideal for use with plywood or MDF

#9. Yakamoz 3PCS 1/4-Inch Shank Drawer Lock Miter Router Bit Set

Yakamoz Shank Drawer Lock Miter Router Bit Set

At first glance, this woodworking tool kit from Yakamoz comes with 3 lock miter router bits. With each router bit having a unique cutting thickness.

For instance, the large bit has a 2” cutting thickness, while the medium bit has a 1-3/8” cutting diameter. Finally, the smallest bit has a cutting diameter of up to 1-1/2”. 

Apart from the cutting thickness, these router bits are almost similar in every other aspect. For a start, each bit features an anti-kickback design and a heat-resistant Teflon coating. More notably, the blades are made up of C3-grade micro-grain tungsten carbide.

For those reasons, these bits can resist the build-up of sawdust, pitch as well as resin. Besides, this allows the blades to cut cleanly through the wood pieces with high hook & shear angles. As a result, you’ll get clean, splinter-free cuts when using these router bit sets. 

More importantly, the high-grade carbide construction gives this tool kit adequate strength to withstand heavy-duty use. For that, these blades are suitable for cutting tougher woods, synthetic boards, softwood, etc. However, you should avoid using it to cut through metal and other non-wood surfaces like stone and sand. 

As for compatibility, this router bit set can be installed in desktop woodworking machines and table-mounted routers. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for use on machines like drill presses and electric drills.

All in all, these bits are crafted with precision to minimize vibration during use, making them ideal for various woodworking projects. 


  • Strong and durable carbide blades 
  • Comes in different cutting diameter sizes for convenience 
  • Anti-kickback design delivers a balanced performance 
  • Minimal vibration during use 
  • Solid hardened steel body construction 


  • Doesn’t work with drill presses, electric drills, or portable routers

#10. TOOLDO 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

TOOLDO 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Unlike most lock miter routers on our list, this bit set from TOOLDO is compatible with almost every router out there. On the same note, it works with both table-mounted and handheld routers from popular brands including Makita, Bosch, Black & Decker, and more.

So, if you want a 45 deg lock miter router bits set that will go with any routing machine, this tool kit is such an excellent option. 

Interestingly, that’s not the only unique feature you’ll get from this router bit set. Instead, this tool kit has many great properties you’ll hardly find in other lock miter routers bits. 

For a start, this woodworking tool features an innovative shear angle cutting technology. For that reason, the tool has an enhanced cutting speed, extended service life, and a heavy-duty cutting experience. Besides, the incline angle helps the tool remove wood chips with ease. 

Another unique feature displayed by this router bit set is that its tips are made of carbide material. As a result, the bits can withstand high machining temperatures caused by high cutting feeds and speeds. In addition, this makes them suitable for cutting through any type of wood, including MDF and plywood. 

Lastly, this router bit set is an excellent tool for precise woodwork. You can use it to create a perfect 90 deg angle with an interlocking design to ensure accurate alignment of joints. These features have made it such a popular woodworking tool, both for professional and beginner woodworkers! 


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for creating perfect 90 deg joint alignments 
  • Cuts through different types of wood 
  • Provides a smooth cutting experience 
  • Durable carbide-grade tips 


  • A bit tricky to install  

10 Lock Miter Router Bits Head to Head Comparison:

Product Brand


Finish Type/Color

Shank Size


Ideal For





1x1x1 inches

Humidors & Jewelry Boxes





4x4x3.5 inches

Thickness Of 1/2" to 3/4"





9.25x4.5x3.75 inches

Material Thickness Of 5/8" to 3/4"





2.36x1.57x1.57 inches

Wood Drawer, Window & Cupboard


Alloy Steel



4.5x4.4x1.9 inches

Wood Drawer, Window & Cupboard





4.3x3x 2.2 inches

DIYers & Experienced Carpenters


Carbide, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel


1/2" or 1/4"

6.7x3.9x2 inches

Versatility & Convenience


Carbide, Alloy Steel

Silver & Yellow


7x4x2 inches

Drawers, Cabinets & DIYers





5.2x3.6x3.2 inches

Hand Making & Woodworking Projects





7.99x4.37x2.52 inches

Cabinet Doors, Closet Door, Window, Wood Drawer, & Cupboard

What to Look Before Buying a Lock Miter Router Bit:

best 45 degree lock miter router bit

From the list, it’s clear that there are many quality lock miter router bits out there. However, not every product will qualify as the best lock miter router bit for your project.

One reason for this is that different types of projects require a certain type of bit. Thankfully, certain factors can help you choose the ideal router bit for your woodworking project. They include; 

Shank size

In a lock miter router bit, the shank refers to the cylinder part that goes into the router’s collet. Generally speaking, router bits either have a ½” shank or ¼” shank. Some routing machines only accept ¼” shanks, but there are models that accept both sizes. 

Either way, it’s important to consider the bit’s shank size before you choose a certain tool kit. In essence, ½” shanks offer better stability, flexibility, and durability than their ¼” counterparts. Also, they vibrate less during use, giving users a better level of control. 

¼” shanks, on the other hand, are more affordable than ½” shank bits, making them a great option for beginners. However, due to their smaller diameter, they jump around more compared to the ½” shanks. As a result, they usually have less precision and inadequate control. 

Build quality

The best way to determine the build quality of any tool is to check its building material. In most cases, router bits are either crafted from carbide or HSS (High-Speed Steel). 

For starters, HSS bits have high heat tolerances since they’re crafted from carbon steel. Also, they’re more affordable, making them a great option for beginners or infrequent router users. Even better, they can withstand more impact damage compared to the carbide router bits. 

On the contrary, carbide bits are either carbide-tipped or entirely coated in carbide. More notably, they’re more durable than HSS bits but more vulnerable to impact damage.

All in all, most professional woodworkers claim that tungsten blades and C3-grade micro-grain carbide material make the best lock miter router bits. 


Not all router bits can cut through plywood, wood, and other kinds of materials. For that, it’s important to consider the types of material you’ll be cutting frequently before you choose a certain woodworking tool.

Thankfully, some lock miter router bits are ideal for cutting through various types of wood. Choosing that type of router bit will give you adequate versatility, allowing you to use the tool for various woodworking projects. 


Most lock miter router bits are either compatible with handheld or table-mounted routers. So, if you already have a router in your workshop, make sure you choose a bit that is suitable for that machine.

Luckily, some bits can be used with both types of routing machines. This will allow you to choose the router with different types of routers out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re still unsure about the lock miter router bit you’ll need, have a look at the frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. How do I decide which lock miter router bit to use?

If you have a certain project in mind, choose the bit that is best suited to it. Consider getting a few straight bits (1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″), a few round-over bits (maybe 1/8″ and 1/4″), a rabbeting bit with replaceable bearings of various sizes, a 45-degree chamfer bit, and an ogee bit if you’re putting together a beginner set.

2. Should I get a whole set?

Purchasing a set, such as Yakamoz Lock Miter Router Bit Set, is a handy and cost-effective solution. If you don’t know the specifics and just beginning, buying a set may save you some money and hassle.

3. How to properly use the lock miter router bits?

To get the greatest results from a lock miter router bit, make sure it’s correctly attached to the router and that you’re working on the material and project that the bit was designed for. Using a router takes accuracy and patience.

4. How to clean lock miter router bits?

Start by ordering a router bit and resin cleaner from your local hardware shop or ordering them online.

The solution should be made according to the manufacturer’s instructions before being sprayed or brushed generously all over the router bits’ cutting edges. After cleaning, thoroughly dry the parts and consider coating them with oil to prevent corrosion.

5. How to sharpen router bits?

You should take your router bits to a professional sharpener to give them the sharpest edge for the task. They’ll be able to keep the bit’s right cut and shape while sharpening it to like-new levels.

If you don’t have access to a sharpener, diamond hones may be used to remove a thin coating of the cutting blade’s two edges. Stroke both sides of the bit equally to maintain the bit balanced.

6. How to use a 45 deg lock miter router bit? 

First, properly attach the 45 deg lock miter router bit to a routing machine. More importantly, make sure you work on the specific project of material the bit is designed for. Now, alight the router with precision and slow feed it passes it through the material. 

7. Can you use lock miter router bits on plywood? 

Locker miter bits can be used to work on plywood. However, it’s important to consider the quality of the plywood you’re using. In essence, cabinet-grade plywood is recommended since it provides decent lock miter joints. 

8. How strong are lock miter joints?

Mitered joints are some of the weakest joints in woodworking projects. For that reason, it’s important to strengthen them by gluing end-to-end grains. Alternatively, you can fasten with mechanical fasteners like dowels, nails, and screws. 

9. What can you use a lock miter for?

Lock miters are used for various woodworking projects. For instance, you can use them to make seamless corners with plywood and assemble cases. Moreover, you can use them to make furniture legs or other posts. 


Investing in the best lock miter router bit is the first step in ensuring that you get your project down right. Besides, it will make your woodworking project easier and help you create perfect interlocking joints with utmost precision.

Fortunately, there are many routers bits in the market that both beginner and professional woodworkers can use. Better still, we’ve selected the best options out there based on their durability, affordability, and quality.

So, check out our reviews above and select the ideal lock miter router bit for your project! 

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