WEN 4210 vs 4210T Drill Press: Similarities & Differences

Model NumberWEN 4210WEN 4210T
Imagewen 4210 drill press
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wen 4210t drill press
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Item Weight51 Pounds51 Pounds
Dimensions21.5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches21.4 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
Style2016 Model2019 Model
Speed3100 RPM (Adjustable between 5 speeds)3100 RPM (Adjustable between 5 speeds)
Power SourceACCorded Electric
Batteries2 AA batteries required. (included)No batteries required
Average Battery LifeCorded Electric
Add-onsLaser, Work Light, Key StorageLaser, Work Light, Key Storage

WEN company has been manufacturing excellent power tools since 1951 that have earned a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Their drill press machines are among the best in the business, and we’ll be showing two of them today.

A drill press is a special form of drill that is required in the workplace of every woodworker or metalworker.

It helps to make just the right size holes to position two components accurately.

While you can use a hand-held cordless drill to do the same work if you’re a DIY artisan, a drill press to increase your accuracy and efficiency when drilling into wood and other soft metals is the best option.

It also helps relieve tension in your body since the drill press performs all the work for you.

A drill press is handy for professionals working on huge construction projects or furniture manufacturers who need accuracy.

A drill press’s speed and efficiency make it an excellent choice for people who want quick results.

We’ll compare the WEN 4210 drill press to see which one has the greatest strengths and limits. We’ll also give our opinion.

However, before that, let’s take a look at what to look for before buying a WEN drill press.

Buyer’s Guide for WEN Drill Presses

Buyer's Guide for WEN Drill Presses

When drilling, you need to be sure that you have the appropriate equipment. When looking for a WEN drill press, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are two main varieties available: bench and floor presses.

Bench Presses or Floor Presses?

If you buy a bench drill press, you’ll need to attach it to one. Drilling tiny holes are the best usage for these instruments.

Bench drill presses from WEN aren’t as strong as floor presses.

However, they are simple to store since they can be readily removed and reattached to a bench.

A WEN bench press is arguably the finest solution for the ordinary homeowner working on weekend tasks.

If you’re someone who works on projects regularly, you’ll want to look into WEN floor drill presses. These machines are much more capable.

WEN’s floor presses are designed for people who do a lot of heavy or intricate drilling. When you use a floor press, the holes are more noticeable than a bench press.

After you’ve decided whether you need a bench or a floor press, you’ll probably want to think about a few additional factors.

Other things to consider while purchasing a WEN drill press are listed below.


A robust motor is required if you wish to drill through thick materials. Drilling through steel, for example, demands more motor power than drilling through wood.


You already know what speed you’ll need if you’re drilling a single product. However, if you want to drill a variety of materials, which is most often the case, you’ll need a drill press with several speeds.

Fortunately, most WEN drill presses have variable speeds, which is one of the qualities that set them apart from the competition.


First and foremost, make sure the machine will fit comfortably in your garage or workshop. You’ll also want to make sure the press is big enough to contain the materials you want to drill.


When comparing WEN drill presses, the depth of the drill holes is an essential factor to consider.

Even if you don’t need to drill deep holes throughout your following tasks, you should not disregard the capacity to do so.

Additional Features

Finally, you should think about some of the additional characteristics that your WEN product may provide.

Some WEN drill presses, for example, come with laser guides, allowing you to drill with precise precision.

Another characteristic to think about is whether the drill press has a stopper. Stoppers are in handy since they may prevent you from drilling too far. Your materials would be damaged if you drilled too deeply.

Investing in a stopper for your drill press might be a good investment that saves you time and money.

Similarities of WEN 4210 & WEN 4210T

Similarities of WEN 4210 & WEN 4210T

Disclaimer: These two drill presses have more similarities than differences! Let’s take a look at the common features of these drill presses.

Motor Power

The motor on these WEN drill presses is 3.2 amps, which is rather powerful. In other words, it can handle a wide range of projects.

It easily cuts through wood, but it can even handle metal items with a thickness of roughly 2-3 inches.

You can even drill clean holes in thin steel items with this tool. However, there doesn’t bode well with thicker steel.

Drill Speed

You may choose from five different speed settings, ranging from 600 RPM to 3,100 RPM. If you want to drill through harder or stronger materials like metal, you’ll need to set the press at a lower speed.

If you’re working with wood or similar soft material, a faster speed will improve the tool’s efficiency.


Compared to many other comparable items on the market, these WEN drill presses have a larger structure. WEN 4210 and WEN 4210T may be used for applications that need drilling through bigger workpieces.

Also, the table has plenty of room, allowing you to drill precise holes up to 2.5 inches deep.


The tilt feature of these press’s workbench allows it to be positioned at a 45-degree angle to your right or left.

This function assists you in drilling holes that are perfectly angled. You must first activate the gauge before locking it into place to change the depth.


This drill press comes with an LED light that illuminates the workstation well. A laser guide also displays the user the precise place where the drill’s head will land. Precision and accuracy are improved because of this.

Problems with WEN 4210 & WEN 4210T

Problems with WEN 4210 & WEN 4210T

Although it is not a major problem, changing the speed setting on these two models requires opening the drill press and adjusting the belt tension level correspondingly – depending on whether you want the speed to decrease or increase.

Drilling through the thickest metals, such as steel, will be difficult with both models. The 3.2-amp motor is just insufficient for such activities.

If you must drill through steel, we suggest using the lowest speed setting and using extreme caution.

Differences Between WEN 4210 & WEN 4210T

WEN 4210T (2019) is just the slightly upgraded version of WEN 4210 (2016). The main difference is in the power source both models use.

WEN 4210 uses AC motors that are considered more powerful than the corded electric motors WEN 4210T versions use because they can generate higher torque by using a more powerful current.

So, how that’s an upgrade? Though WEN 4210 is slightly more powerful in use than the T version, WEN 4210T can operate a bit more efficiently, and better use the input energy. Also, it doesn’t need batteries (which may need to be changed periodically).

What Users Have to Say

Overall, the WEN drill press is a safe bet for most users. Both these drill presses seem to have excellent reviews as entry-level drill presses.

Compared to other drill presses on the market in the same price range, they believe these products are really valuable.

They’re also of a higher standard. While there are certain flaws, the customer service is of excellent quality.

Final Verdict

Both WEN press drills are high-powered power equipment that can handle just about any task that comes their way.

Even though the 4210 has a bit more power, the 4210T is the more efficient of the two models and can manage the most demanding tasks. Ultimately, the final choice comes down to your own needs.

However, if you ask me, I will choose the newer version (WEN 4210T) of these two. Because the difference of power is not that significant. Instead, I would select efficiency and avoid the use of batteries which may need to be changed after a while. Also, WEN 4210T comes at a lower price, so why not?

After reading this article, you should find the drill press for your specific demands very quickly. I hope you discover the best drill press soon, and when you do, don’t forget to tell us about it in a comment!

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