The Best Solvent for Removing Carbon: Top 7 Picks

Carbon is one of the by-products of combustion. It is that black soot that collects and hardens on metal surfaces.

You can see these carbon deposits either in your car’s engine or even in your kitchen appliances like pots and stoves. They tend to undermine the appearance of your kitchen appliances, ammunition, guns, and your car’s engine performance.

And that’s not all! They can also cause engine overheating or knocking and higher oil consumption in your car.

That’s why you should get rid of them! However, such build-ups are very hard to remove with regular cleaning products. But with the best solvent for removing carbon, you can easily get rid of them.

Best Solvent for Removing Carbon

As you know, owning equipment is one thing, while maintaining it is another. And cleaning is one of the simplest maintenance practices out there.

Luckily, with a solvent that removes carbon, maintaining your metal wares will be a walk in the park. Thanks to their ability to get the job done appropriately.

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Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner

Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner & Lube

Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner & Lube

Piston Kleen Carbon Remover

Piston Kleen Carbon Remover

WYNNS Diesel Turbo Carbon Remover

WYNNS Diesel Turbo Carbon Remover

Even so, while there are so many carbon removers in the market, not all of them are effective. Besides, with every manufacturer out there claiming that they produce the best solvents, settling on one particular product is not that simple.

But, that should not worry you at all!

We’ve listed some of the best solvents for removing carbon that are 100% effective. Here they are!

Best Solvent for Removing Carbon

1. Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner

Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner

Not many cleaning products can efficiently remove the baked-on carbon of kitchen wares. But once you try out this Carbon Off Cleaner from Discovery Products, you’ll never look for another cleaner for such tasks.

Best of all, this cleaner works on many metal surfaces. So, whether you want to remove carbon deposits on nickel steel, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, you can never go wrong with this Carbon Off Cleaner.

For this reason, it’s considered the best product for cleaning sheet pans, pans, pots, barbecue grills, broilers, rotisseries, stove parts, and waffle bakers.

This powerful carbon solvent easily dissolves and softens carbon deposits on various cooking surfaces. Once you try it out, you’ll ‘Discover’ why it’s on this list.

Moving on, the application process is quite simple. Just use a paintbrush to apply the solvent over the surface with carbon deposits and leave it overnight! And just like that, you’ll have removed the carbon build up on the metal surfaces.

Alternatively, you can use a damp towel saturated with the solvent to wipe the surface. The formula works easily and quickly. You don’t even have to scrub the surface at all.

After wiping the surface with the solvent, leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse it with cold water. However, the time may vary depending on the number of carbon deposits that you want to remove.

While this solvent is incredible and efficient, it has its limitations. For instance, it’s not ideal for painted and plastic surfaces. This is because its formula can end up damaging those surfaces completely.

Overall, this product will give you many benefits, especially when removing carbon from metal surfaces is your primary concern. Indeed, you will enjoy it in your kitchen. That way, you’ll be able to handle all types of carbon accumulation on various kitchen appliances!


  • Works on several metal surfaces
  • Works fast
  • Easy to dispense and remove grimes
  • Free rinsing


  • Only ideal for cold surfaces

2.Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Degreaser: Best Carbon Remover for Engines

Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner

When disinfecting & cleaning is of prime significance, consider using this Spray Nine cleaner! Thanks to its ability to get rid of tough stains on hard surfaces. Its ‘Triple Threat’ formula provides professional-quality performance. It has been used by DIYers, manufacturers, and Auto technicians for more than 60 years.

Interestingly, Spray Nine gets its name for the number of uses it’s intended for. For instance, you can use it to remove stains, sanitize, deodorize, clean, and degrease.

Also, it controls mold & mildew, kills fungus, and disinfects against viruses & bacteria. All these uses make it one of the most versatile carbon removers you’ll ever come across.

This professional-grade cleaner disinfects viruses and bacteria in 30 and 45 seconds respectively. Yet it doesn’t contain corrosive or bleach chemicals.

Instead, it’s a water-based solution that doesn’t contain any petroleum solvents. Therefore, you can safely use it to degrease, clean, and disinfect surfaces.

Moreover, this makes it ideal for use on various surfaces. This includes; countertops, engines, dashboards, rubber, vinyl, showers, plastic, and more. Besides, it’s USDA-approved and NSF C1-certified.

As for the packaging, this best carbon remover for engines comes in a 128 oz. (1 gallon) bottle. This ready-to-use solution can remove carbon buildup, carpet stains, tough grease, and more.

However, it’s available in other packages like a 22 & 32 oz spray bottle and 5-gallon pail. Best of all, you can find it in a 55-gallon drum if you’re handling a really big project for greater fuel economy.


  • Highly versatile
  • Free from chlorine & petroleum solvents
  • Non-flammable, biodegradable formula
  • Removes all types of stains, grease, oil, and grime


  • Produces a strong chemical smell

3. Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner & Lube

Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner & Lube

Seafoam is one of the most reputable brands among car owners and users. That’s not surprising though, seeing that it has been around for more than 70 years. Besides, the company makes various excellent products including this SS14 cleaner and lube.

As the name suggests, this formula is a mixture of lubricating and cleaning ingredients. Best of all, you can use it to remove carbon deposits, sludge, and varnish from hard components in the car engine.

To be precise, it’s safe to use in all sorts of 2 and 4 strong gas engines. Particularly in GDI engines as it cleans areas other fuel cleaners cannot reach.

Note, this formula comes in a 12 oz. spray can. Its application process is a little different as compared to other fuel cleaners. So, instead of pouring, you need to spray it in your car engine’s direct injection system.

Aside from acting as an engine cleaner, you can use this formula for other tasks as well. For instance, it’s suitable for coating spark plug cavities. Thus helping to protect the engine during storage.

Another benefit of this spray cleaner is that it’s safe to use. For starters, it doesn’t contain abrasive chemicals or harsh detergents. So, it will not harm the components of your car’s fuel system or engine.

Besides, when it gets into the fuel tank, it absorbs water. Thus allowing it to burn up in the combustion chamber without causing any problems.

Overall, SS14 is a superior product that will help your engine last longer and run cleaner. Moreover, it will lubricate the moving parts, especially in the fuel system. Not to forget that it also acts as a moisture controller and stabilizer.


  • Safe for use on Teflon components
  • Oxygen sensor safe
  • Suitable for direct injection engines
  • Easy to apply


  • It isn’t as powerful as general cleaners

4. Piston Kleen Carbon Remover

Piston Kleen Carbon Remover

Burnt-on carbon deposits buildup on metallic engine parts like power valves and pistons. This will eventually hinder the performance of your engine. Hence the need to look for a reliable solution that you can use to clean these parts from time to time. Well, Piston Kleen Carbon Remover is one such product!

Available in a 1-gallon bottle, Piston Kleen is one of the best solvent for removing carbon. Yet it’s a safe, biodegradable, and effective water-based solution.

Even better, it’s suitable for removing oil, grease, carbon, and soil that buildup in the car over time. Besides, it’s so effective that it was used to remove carbon deposits on US army vehicles. On the same note, you can use this solvent to remove carbon deposits on firearms as well.

When it comes to using this product, simply soak the components with carbon in the solvent for 2 – 24 hours. Then use fine steel wool to brush off the carbon deposits. Once you do this.

Even the toughest carbon deposits will eventually disappear. To speed up the process by decreasing the soak time, increase the temperature. The manufacturer recommends a working temperature of about 900 – 1800 degrees F.

On the downside, this solvent isn’t ideal for use on kitchen accessories. However, you can use rigid metallic items like firearms, and engine parts. Besides, it’s affordable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

So, you don’t have to take any extra precautions when using it, making it one of the safest engine cleaners out there.


  • Non-hazardous and safe to handle
  • Biodegradable and non-flammable solvent
  • Works on various metal objects
  • Easy to use
  • Effective and affordable cleaner


  • Not suitable for removing regular carbon deposits

5.WYNNS Diesel Turbo Carbon Remover

WYNNS Diesel Turbo Carbon Remover

Turbocharged engines burn faster and run hotter as compared to naturally aspirated engines. For this reason, they produce more carbon deposits, impeding airflow to the engine. Also, the affects the balance of the turbo engine and shortens its longevity.

There are carbon removers that are designed to remove carbon from turbo engines. A good example of such a product is this solution of WYNNS.

WYNNS is a US-based additive manufacturer that has been in the market for more than 80 years. So, you can rest assured you’re getting an engine cleaner from a reputable brand.

Various reasons make this carbon remover the best option for your turbocharged engine.

First, it allows you to remove the deposits from the turbine without dismantling. Best of all, you can use it on both gasoline and diesel turbocharged engines. In return, it will restore the engine’s fuel economy and extend its lifespan.

The other benefit is that it effectively removes the nasty carbon deposits on the EGR valve. Moreover, it protects all components of the fuel system. Better still, it lubricates the moving parts in the engine. And prevents future blockage from happening to ensure reliable running.

You’ll also find this solvent to be extremely simple to use. Besides, you just need to mix it with diesel or gasoline in the fuel tank and you’re good to go!

For excellent results, add the content of this 500ml bottle to about 60l of diesel fuel and start driving. However, if you want a more serious cleaning, add the solvent to 30l of diesel fuel. That will create a more efficient solution.

Either way, it will restore the lost performance of your Turbocharged engine in no time.


  • VOC Compliant
  • Restores engine performance and efficiency
  • Effective for both gasoline & engine Turbocharged engines
  • Increases the longevity of the Turbo
  • Reduces soot emissions and improves combustion


  • Doesn’t clean the exhaust components

6. Slip 2000 Carbon Killer

Slip 2000 Carbon Killer 

Talk about a solvent that removes carbon build-up from metal surfaces in a matter of minutes! Well, that’s exactly what this Slip 2000 Carbon Killer is all about!

With this product, be ready to forget about the labor-intensive and time-consuming task of cleaning your equipment. Whether it’s a pistol, semi-automatic/ automatic weapon, and other surfaces with baked-on carbon. Carbon Killer is all you need!

This solvent dissolves carbon on contact. And you can even use it to remove the plastic and lead fouling as well.

When it comes to application, submerge the parts in the solvent completely and let them soak for a few minutes. Then remove them, wipe, brush and rinse them clean. However, if the parts are so large that they can’t fit into the soaking tray or jar, simply wipe them clean with a rag saturated with the solvent.

Another great thing with this carbon remover is that it’s reusable. You heard that right! You can use it to remove carbon deposits from metal surfaces over and over again, even after it becomes dirty. Just make sure you store it properly in one jar and it will offer you several cleanings.

You’ll also love how user- and environment-friendly this product is. All thanks to its non-flammable, non-toxic, and biodegradable formula. As such, it’s a safe solvent that enables you to clean lead, plastic wad, and carbon fouling effectively.

On the downside, this solvent is not ideal for cleaning exterior surfaces with finishes. It can damage or even remove them completely.

Other than that, this 15 oz bottle contains one of the most effective cleaning solvents for removing heavy carbon build-ups. And it’s compatible with most equipment. Why let carbon deposits bother you when you only need a bottle of Slip 2000 Carbon Killer?


  • Reasonably priced
  • Biodegradable & non-flammable formula
  • Free from the harsh chemical smell
  • Reusable


  • Not ideal for exterior parts

7. Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover

Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover

Since its establishment in 1997, Bore Tech Inc. has been producing some of the best cleaning products in the market. And their C4 Carbon Remover is no exception!

It’s a fast-acting and effective carbon solvent that removes the heaviest carbon build-ups without compromising the user’s health or safety! Thus making it one of the best carbon solvents for indoor use. Furthermore, unlike some carbon removers out this, this solvent doesn’t contain harmful substances and odors.

Although its formula is 100% biodegradable, it has enough strength to remove even the toughest lead, moly, and carbon fouling. A process that will only take a matter of seconds! You can use it to clean various surfaces with carbon deposits like bolt carries, barrels, revolve cylinders, combustion chambers, and throats.

The highly advanced formula uses a blend of surfactants to take care of the carbon fouling. Those surfactants quickly loosen and remove tough carbon deposits from the surface. Besides, this enhanced formula offers a deep clean surface and effectively neutralizes corrosive residues.

Moreover, this solvent can be used to get rid of corrosive elements in military ammunition and black powder. Considering how well this solvent penetrates very small openings, it will leave your firearm and other equipment looking new! Besides, this makes it a great option for hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to scrub.

To get excellent results, wet the bore and bush it with a nylon brush. Then re-wet it and let it soak for about 5- 10 minutes. After that, dry the patches to get rid of the fouling with the solvent. The application process is made much simpler by the convenient 16 oz. applicator bottle.

If you notice extreme carbon fouling on any metal surface, we suggest you try out this C4 Carbon Remover from Bore Tech! Trust us, you’ll see noticeable results in minutes!


  • Neutralizes corrosive elements
  • Non-hazardous and odor-free
  • Convenient application


  • Can damage phosphate barrels

Buyer’s Guide For Carbon Remover Solvent

best carbon remover for engines

Carbon is a compound that makes cleaning various surfaces to be a very challenging task. It’s found in the kitchen utensils and appliances, cars, guns as well as other surfaces. Luckily, various manufacturers have come up with many cleaning products to ease this problem.

However, with every manufacturer vouching for this carbon solvent as the best, settling on one particular product can be a bit confusing.

For that reason, we have prepared a list of the important factors you should consider when buying a carbon remover. These considerations will ensure that you choose the best carbon solvent that removes carbon build-up effectively.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at these factors right away!

Type of Carbon Solvent

There are different types of carbon solvents that you can choose from. This makes it hard for users to settle on a certain type. As such, carbon solvents are available in aerosol sprays or dipping can. This simply means that they can be in liquid or aerosol form.

type of carbon solvent

While these solvents work almost the same way, it’s good to determine where you intend to use them before you buy a certain type of solvent.

For instance, if you want to clean tight areas and openings effectively, liquid solvents may not the best option. Besides, they may even take more time to get the job done. So, in that case, the best option is to go for an aerosol spray.

Intended use

Some carbon solvents are designed for various applications, while others are only ideal for specific cleaning needs. For instance, a solvent may be specifically designed for kitchen appliances. In that case, that solvent may not work well in guns or cars.

However, if you intend to use the product for various applications, go for a multipurpose solvent. This will help you to save time and money because you’ll not have to buy separate solvents for every task.


Another important thing you should consider when it comes to solvents is their formula. Is it non-toxic, environment-friendly, safe, and effective? Those are some of the things you should look at before you buy a certain product.

Solvents with non-toxic ingredients in their formula are much safer and better, both for people and the environment. Even better, when people or pets are exposed to these formulas for a long time, there will be no adverse effects.

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Frequently Answer Questions

Is Carbon solvent toxic? 

Although not all carbon solvents are toxic, some have toxic ingredients that can be skin irritant or harm the human body when ingested. Such solvents should be stored in well-ventilated spaces and out of reach for pets and children. Also, some of the toxic solvents tend to be highly flammable, and should, therefore, be stored away from direct sunlight. 

Why do we have to remove carbon from surfaces? 

Removing carbon deposits from metal surfaces can have many benefits. Some of these benefits include; improve performance, extend an item’s durability, reduce corrosion, and enhance metal ware’s appearance.

What are carbon solvents made up of? 

Most solvents have acetone as their main ingredient. However, they may have other ingredients like heptane and toluene. 

What is the best carbon solvent? 

In a market with so many great carbon solvents, it’s difficult to settle on one particular product. However, the top 3 carbon solvents that remove carbon effectively are; Bore Tech Carbon Remover, Slip 2000 Carbon Killer, and Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner.

Final Words

The main function of most carbon solvents is to remove carbon, but some can also work on grease and oils. However, if your main concern is carbon, then it’s good to go for the best solvent for removing carbon.

Most importantly, don’t just go for a solvent because of its brand name. Instead, take your time to make sure the product you’re about to buy will meet all your cleaning needs. Lucky for you, we have created a list of some of the most effective carbon removers out there.

By choosing one of these solvents, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to tackle carbon build-up for a very long time.

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